Exponential Bet

Level Software has an extensive relationship with Ryan at Exponential Bet running several automated services via Cloud Bet Bot.

Our standard bet automation gives the service provider a dashboard to choose bets along with when the bet should be ordered. 

Exponential Bets are semi system based with Ryan having access to his own bespoke data analysis, bet monitoring and system deployment tools. Results are tracked and automatically reported to supply all the data required for performance reporting, based on actual pre ordered bets placed and not back filled or tinkered with in any way. Adjustments in parameters are tracked and timestamped so as not to distort past service selections. Bets are added automatedly throughout the day in the hundreds over many markets and customers. As with all automated bets, logs are kept for and trouble shooting required.

We also provide an Instant Bet Replication (IBR) service for their 'In Play Betting Club'. This is yet another option we can provide. Our IBR service listens to bets ordered via a specified Betfair account and replicates them (with the clients own stake of course) to all the customers following it, who do so having setup the standard, familiar, easy to use platform. Our IBR engine is very special, it can receive origin bet information and replicate those bets to 500 customers in under half a second (maximum). Service can see 'live' who out of their list of clients is activated and primed to receive bet instructions, it can be paused, set to listen only bets from certain software's or markets or bet types (back / lay).

As with all our engines, they are all semi-turn key, meaning we can deploy very quickly but also customise how they run to suit your needs.

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