Bet Chat

Bet Chat run a single service called We Bet You Bet, however, within that single service there are multiple sports run by an expert for each. Our dashboard (for services admins) offers the facility to setup 'systems', which are simply sets of named settings to apply to bets when selecting for 'upload'. - We always help with the setting up of these setting and advise how to alter them as needed.

Our client bot has a stake for the client to enter and save for each 'service within a service', in this case its: Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, Golf and Snooker - but these can be anything a service needs as we offer a semi turn-key solution. 

Our business relationship with Bet Chat allows them to offer a free trail service to customers that does not impact them negatively with regards service charges which are generally on a per client per month basis. We work with and for businesses that partner with us to help growth and excellent provision of service to their customers.

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